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Ground Geophysics

IndiGEO owns and operates a broad selection of geophysical equipment enabling surveys to be customized to effectively explore for your target commodity. The equipment is located at the Company’s Bangalore base, which allows for rapid mobilization to anywhere in the south Asia Region.

Processing and interpretation of all geophysical datasets is carried out in Bangalore using industry standard and proprietary, instrument specific, software.

In addition to the ground geophysical surveys, IndiGEO will assist in designing your geophysical surveys and supervise third-party surveys, including airborne surveys.

Ground Magnetics Mega-Grids

IndiGEO has successfully and efficiently carried out several large area ground magnetics surveys throughout India, and has completed well over 60,000 line km of ground magnetics surveys to date. In the Indian scenario, the time consuming (and costly) efforts of securing approval to fly airborne surveys can be offset by conducting ground magnetics surveys whereby IndiGEO can mobilize up to 15 ground magnetics crew immediately. In most cases, large area ground magnetic surveys can be completed within the time it takes to secure airborne survey permission.