GIS and Data Solutions

IndiGEO GIS bureau provides services to exploration and mining programs including historical / legacy data compilations, unstructured data to structured data which is ready for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning systems, geological/geophysical map vectorization, data entry / translation services and tenement management. Our data management solutions integrate multiple datasets into a single platform, ultimately improving the efficiency of your exploration project. Our solid understanding of mining and exploration end to end process allows us to make informed decisions and recommendations to the client to maximize the value of the available data. As geoscientists, we make informed decisions regarding data models/attributes and formats, producing an error-free dataset, with minimal client interaction. We pride ourselves on the quality of our output, and we save the client time and money by delivering an error free product on time.

IndiGEO carries out precision data capture from hardcopy and scanned maps and documents with proven experience in the following;

Image & Data Processing:

IndiGEO also has capability to process multispectral and panchromatic imagery. Satellite imagery plays a major role in today’s exploration projects, from the use as base maps for reconnaissance geological mapping to high resolution imagery land-use, environmental impact assessment and cultural mapping surveys. 

There is a plethora of satellite images available to the public and IndiGEO has necessary skills to visualize lithological variations, structure, alteration associated with mineralization as well as cultural mapping and analysis thus complement to other exploration datasets.

Our Expertise

  • Georeferencing
  • 2D and 3D Data capture
  • Legacy Data Compilation
  • AI Data Preparation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Well Log Digitizing
  • Drill Lithology Logs – from handwritten scrawls to formatted ledgers
  • Exploration (Tenement, Geology, Drill, Geochem) Database Management
  • Satellite Image Processing
  • Language Translations of geoscientific data
  • Map Preparation